Tweet Translation Workshop at SEPLN 2015

TweetMT is a workshop and shared task on machine translation applied to tweets. It will take place in September, 2015, in Alicante, co-located with SEPLN 2015. The objective of the task is to bring together interested researchers to join forces to experiment with and compare different approaches to tweet MT. This workshop is a follow-up to two other workshops organized previously also at SEPLN: TweetNorm2013 and TweetLID2014.

International Workshop on Embeddings and Semantics (IWES 2015)

The main objective of this workshop is to bring together researchers interested on the use of continuous space embeddings for modelling language, semantics and meaning. Recent advances on neural networks and related machine learning applications has proven the use of continuous spaces to be useful for natural language applications in both the monolingual and cross-language settings.

5th Workshop "RST and Discourse Studies"

"RST and discourse studies" workshop gathers researchers, professors and students of Linguistics, Computational Linguistics or Information Science who work with Rhetorical Structure Theory (MANN and THOMPSON, 1988) or similar theories and models. The goal is to enable the showing of researches carried out in different institutions and research groups in different countries.

Sentiment Analisys Workshop at SEPLN (TASS)

TASS is an experimental evaluation workshop for sentiment analysis and online reputation analysis focused on Spanish language. The aim of TASS is to provide a forum for discussion and communication where the latest research work and developments in the field of sentiment analysis in social media, specifically focused on Spanish language, can be shown and discussed by scientific and business communities.