Innovative Semi-Automatic Methodology to Annotate Emotional Corpora

Detecting depression or personality traits, tutoring and student behaviour systems, or identifying cases of cyber-bulling are a few of the wide range of the applications, in which the automatic detection of emotion is a crucial element. Emotion detection has the potential of high impact by contributing the benefit of business, society, politics or education. Given this context, the main objective of our research is to contribute to the resolution of one of the most important challenges in textual emotion detection task: the problems of emotional corpora annotation. This will be tackled by proposing a new semi-automatic methodology. Our innovative methodology consists in two main phases: (1) an automatic process to pre-annotate the unlabelled sentences with a reduced number of emotional categories; and (2) a refinement manual process where human annotators will determine which is the predominant emotion between the emotional categories selected in phase 1. Our proposal in this paper is to show and evaluate the pre-annotation process to analyse the feasibility and the benefits by the methodology proposed. The results obtained are promising and allow obtaining a substantial improvement of annotation time and cost and confirm the usefulness of our pre-annotation process to improve the annotation task.

Canales, Lea
Strapparava, Carlo
Boldrini, Ester
Martínez-Barco, Patricio
Tipo de publicación: 
Acta de congreso
Nombre de la revista: 
Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Modeling of People's Opinions, Personality, and Emotions in Social Media
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Año de publicación: 
2 016