First call for participation: eHealth-KD challenge 2019

eHealth-KD challenge, as part of the IberLEF 2019, proposes in its second edition modelling the human language in a scenario in which Spanish electronic health documents could be machine readable from a semantic point of view. With this task, it is expected to encourage the development of software technologies to automatically extract a large variety of knowledge from eHealth documents written in the Spanish Language. This involves two subtasks:

For this edition the annotation semantic schema has been enhanced, covering new additional concepts and relations.

The challenge will be managed and played by means Codalab Competitions platform. In addition, the Organization Committee of eHealth-KD encourages participants to submit a description paper of their systems. Submitted papers will be reviewed by a scientific committee, and only accepted papers will be published at CEUR. The proceedings of eHealth-KD will be jointly published with the proceedings of all the tasks of IberLEF 2019. The submitted papers will be peer-reviewed by a Program Commitee which is composed by all the participants in the eHealth-KD challenge and the Organization Commitee.

Current status:

  • Trial data already released!
  • Training data coming soon!

Let's do it!!!

Sponsored by GPLSI and PROMETEU