The Natural Language Processing and Information Systems Group is a research group at the University of Alicante focused on Natural Language Processing. Our goal is to bring computers closer to human language to facilitate understading between humans and machines with the purpose of replacing mechanical taks with other highly productive ones.

Our research focuses on human language technologies (HLT) and deals with topics such as the resolution of lexical, morphological and structural ambiguities, automatic summarization, applications, information retrieval systems and answer search. These investigations are financed at a European, national and regional level, and thanks to this, innovative applications and tools have been developed, in addition to also giving us the possibility of attending the most relevant conferences in our research area, resulting in a large number of publications in the best forums, magazines and media.

On this web page we show all the projects, products and publications in which our group has worked on and developed.

Recent projects

Life! Prevención del Suicidio en las Redes Sociales

El suicidio, la depresión y el bullying son problemas muy graves que afectan a millones de personas pero que, según la OMS, son problemas prevenibles si se aplican las medidas adecuadas. Life! es un proyecto de micromecenazgo que pretende ayudar a la prevención de estos problemas usando las redes sociales como mecanismo de detección y alerta temprana. Tú puedes ayudarnos a conseguirlo y ayudar a muchas personas a salvar sus vidas. Tú puedes ayudar a salvar vidas: dona y comparte en tus redes.