Group profile

Group profile

The Natural Language Processing and Information System Research Group (GPLSI) of the University of Alicante (Spain) focuses its research in Human Language Technologies and Text Mining, developing different techniques for the conversion of the documentary information into knowledge.

Our techniques can be applied in countless scenarios. For instance, the technology developed can be used to feed new vigilance or decision-making processes, generate new documents with specific purposes, analyze the sentiment and opinion behind Web 2.0 statements, produce automatic summaries, or even automatically simplify texts for making them more accessible to a large audience.

Moreover, our group has extensive experience in EU projects. The most recent ones are the FIRST project (, involved in the area of social inclusion through the use of the technology for automatically simplifying and making texts more accessible to people with Autism Spectrum Disorders; and the SAM project (, which is more oriented to the analysis of big data and opinion mining for the Second Screen.

Moreover, by means of the abovementioned technologies GPLSI has developed the following products. Among others:

GPLSI MONEI is a meta search and intelligent engine that is adaptable to the needs of the organization. Monei allows activating multilingual simultaneous searches, restricting the search field to our domains, access hidden pages and databases, classifying, grouping information before its visualization and defining a ranking of results depending on its own business needs.

GPLSI DOSSIER is an application that allows the automatic classification of information coming from the press webpages, official bulletins, but also social networks. This is possible by means of extracting the information that is relevant to our business. It stores the information in structured databases for its future processing using business intelligent systems.

GPLSI SOCIAL OBSERVER is an application that retrieves tweets of the social network Twitter on a concrete topic, a brand, product, and person and automatically evaluates the expressed opinions by users. After that it carries out a behavioural and trend analysis by managing comparative analysis, time frames or geographical areas.

GPLSI COMPENDIUM is an automatic summarization system able to generate both generic as well as informative summaries. Compendium allows the inclusion of advanced natural language generation techniques to enrich the summary with additional information such as multimedia information, terms replacement with their synonyms or the replacement of formal with informal register or vice versa.