Semantic Package

This ontology aims to capture the semantics of documents through a set of key aspects in texts, such as the temporal dimension, presence of named entities, detection of opinionated information, or conceptual classifications. In addition, the ontology provides a lexical dimension, where the sentence of each document, and a possible summary derived from it, are taken into account. These are determining factors for setting up our own interpretation of possible scenarios (a meta-level specification) and vocabulary. Since our ontology aims to be reused by a large community, we tried to establish basic NLP terminology that was hierarchized by experts in this research field.

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Versión: 1.1.0
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Elena Lloret, Yoan Gutiérrez and José M. Gómez. Developing an Ontology to Capture Documents’ Semantics. Proceedings of 7th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Ontology Development. 12-14 Novembre, 2015. Porto, Portugal.