Social Analytics

GPLSI Social Analytics is an application that retrieves messages from users of the social networks Twitter and Instagram on a specific topic and automatically assesses the opinions expressed in the messages. This allows you to track people’s opinions on different topics, such as a tourist destination or an election. In this way, and thanks to this tool, it is possible to analyze and predict opinions and trends. This analysis can be represented both geographically on a map and graphically.

But all this technology is based on another one that analyzes people’s opinions and values the feelings expressed in them. Thus, opinion mining (also called sentiment analysis) allows us to track through the Internet and social networks the comments that people make on any subject and assess what emotion they express, if it is positive or negative and, even, the intensity. 

The GPLSI Social Analytics is a fully functional demo of an opinion mining system that works on Twitter tweets to assess each one of them and summarize them in a final assessment of subjectivity. In other words, Social Analytics monitors the topics defined in the system and, for each tweet related to those topics, assesses the opinion of the people. 

These features require implementation on the domain or topic of interest to the user and at the GPLSI we are experts in this customization, using resources and tools for natural language processing and semantic analysis of texts with the aim of bringing technology to people.