GPLSI Opportunity is a web application that allows you to automatically track and classify the information from newspapers, web pages and official bulletins so that only the information that interests you is obtained, discarding the rest. From each tender and award of a bulletin, the system extracts the most relevant information automatically. In addition, it is capable of classifying each bulletin item into a series of categories (infrastructures, works, supplies, etc.) using patterns and/or machine learning. With this tool you will see all this information in a single, well-organized Web platform, which will help you find out which ones are of interest to you. 

With GPLSI Oportunity you can create an automatic press dossier about your business and be aware of what the media think about you or your company, you can also save or publish the news that you are interested in reflecting on your website. Oportunity’s web interfaces allow you to semi-automatically select which news you want to appear and which you want to simply save. In addition, with an intuitive form you will be able to correct the system so that it evolves and adapts to the dynamism of your company. 

But GPLSI Opportunity not only serves to find out what the media says about your company, but also allows competitive surveillance. The system uses innovative artificial intelligence and language processing techniques to monitor the pages that interest you, official bulletins or even your competition, so that you are aware of the news that arises and automatically filters that information. Irrelevant. The system will notify you immediately if interesting information appears for you or your business. 

Our technological surveillance systems allow us to automatically read dozens of newspapers and official bulletins every day, as well as hundreds of thousands of web pages. In this way you can, for example, be aware of the tenders for works published by local, regional and national bulletins, carry out competitive surveillance to see if companies in your sector are launching new products or changing prices. 

But GPLSI Oportunity does not stop at obtaining relevant information for your company, but can also extract information from the news, such as dates of interest, prices, location where it is applied, etc.