ACL 2012 WASSA 2012
3rd Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis (WASSA)
To be held in conjuntion with the ACL 2012 Conference
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At WASSA 2012, we will accept two types of submissions: long and short papers.

  • Long papers

    Long papers may consist of up to eight (8) pages of content, with two (2) additional pages of references, and will be presented orally.

  • Short papers

    Short papers may consist of up to four (4) pages of content, and two (2) additional pages of references. The following types of papers are appropriate for a short paper submission:
    1. A paper describing the demonstration of a system
    2. A small, focused contribution
    3. Work in progress
    4. A negative result
    5. An opinion piece
    6. An interesting application nugget
    Short papers will be presented either orally or as a poster. The choice of presentation will be given not based on the quality of the submission, but on the PC's recommendation relating to the most suitable presentation method.

All papers submitted to WASSA should be formatted according to the ACL-HLT 2012 Style Files, available at:

Reviewing for WASSA 2010 will be blind: reviewers will not be presented with the identity of paper authors. Authors should avoid writing anything that makes their identity obvious in the text.

Submissions should be original, and in particular should not previously have been formally published.

Accepted papers will be published in the ACL WASSA proceedings, with ISBN. The best papers will be chosen for a Special Issue of the Computer Speech and Language Journal (Elsevier).

Subsequent to the WASSA 2012 acceptance notification, we will also launch an open call for papers for a Special Issue of the Information Sciences Journal(Elsevier).

To submit a paper, please access:

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