[NLDB 2011]
Papers are invited on recent, substantial, original, and unpublished research on all aspects of Natural Language Processing related areas, including, but not limited to the following topics:
  • Natural Language in Conceptual Modeling: Analysis of Natural Language Descriptions, Terminological Ontologies, Paraphrasing, Dynamic Modeling, Verification, Consistency Checking, Metadata Harvesting
  • Natural Language Interfaces for Data Base Querying/Retrieval: Natural Languages Interfaces for Database Querying, Verification of Database Queries by Paraphrasing, Semantic Analysis for Information Retrieval, NL Interaction with Databases
  • Natural-Language-Based Integration of Systems: Linguistic Aspects of View Integration, Linguistic Aspects of Data Warehouses, Natural Language Queries to Multi-databases systems, Data Integration and Data Cleaning, Ontology-driven Integration, Ontology Management
  • Large-Scale Online Linguistic Resources: Electronic Dictionaries, Question-Answer Corpora, Informal Ontologies, Linguistic Databases, Digital Libraries
  • Applications of Computational Linguistics in Information Systems: Multilingual Information Systems, NLP in Requirement Engineering, NLP in Knowledge Management, Ontology-driven NLP, Semiotics and Fundamentals
  • Management of Textual Databases: Text Classification, Information Extraction and Detection, Text Mining for creating Metadata, Document Management, Hypertext and Hyperbases
  • Natural Language on Data Warehouses (DW) and Data Mining (DM): Ontologies and Conceptual Modeling of DW's, Natural Language Interfaces for Modeling and/or Querying DW's, Semi-structured Document Data Warehouses, Intelligent Data Warehouses, Text Mining
  • NLP Applications: Business Intelligence, Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis,Topic-sentiment analysis, Emotion detection, QA systems, Temporal information processing, Textual Entailment, Plagiarism Detection, Word Sense Disambiguation
  • Natural language and ubiquitous computing: Pervasive Computing, Embedded and Mobile Applications
We welcome submissions on any topic that is of interest to the NLP community, but we particularly encourage submissions that broaden the scope of our community through the consideration of practical NLP applications. We also invite people from industry working on NLP to send us their submissions and offer an opportunity to discuss and demonstrate their latest applications.

Submitted papers should describe original work, completed or in progress, rather than merely planned, and clearly indicate the current state of advancement of the work. No previously published papers should be submitted. Simultaneous submission to other conferences is allowed provided it is explicitly indicated on the identification page.

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