3rd International Workshop on
Foundations and Practices of UML
To be held in conjuntion with the
26th International Conference on Conceptual Modelling, ER 2007
FP-UML 2007
November 5-9, 2007
Auckland, New Zealand

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  • Extending OCL for ensuring model transformations.
    François Lagarde, François Terrier, Charles André, Sébastien Gérard.
  • Developing State Diagrams Using a State Specialization Technique.
    Il-Yeol Song and Ki Jung Lee
  • A UML Profile for Modeling DWH Usage.
    Veronika Stefanov and Beate List
  • M-BPSec: A Method for Security Requirement Elicitation from a UML 2.0 Business Process specification.
    Alfonso Rodríguez, Eduardo Fernández-Medina, and Mario Piattini
  • Quality Dependencies among Use Case Models and Sequence Diagrams Developed by Novice Systems Analysts.
    Narasimha Bolloju, Vijayan Sugumaran
  • Applying Model Transformation By Example on Business Process Modeling Languages.
    Michael Strommer, Marion Murzek, and Manuel Wimmer

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