2nd International Workshop on Best Practices of UML
To be held in conjuntion with the
25th International Conference on Conceptual Modelling, ER 2006
BP-UML 2006
November 6-9, 2006
Tucson, Arizona
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The target audiences will be university researchers, scientists, industry professionals, information systems specialists, and graduate students who want to explore the best practices on using the UML in effective ways. The scope of the workshop includes but is not limited to:
  • Sub/system design and modeling techniques
  • Unified Modeling Language: What are the next steps?
  • Requirement modeling
  • Process modeling
  • Interface design
  • Application design
  • Database and data warehouse design & applications
  • Web applications
  • Model evaluation, formal or heuristics
  • Metamodeling
  • Applications to new domains and technologies
  • Experience reports of UML modeling
  • Agile modeling
  • Adopting UML
  • Teaching UML
  • UML 2.0 diagrams
  • Applying, teaching or modeling the UML 2.0
  • Model-driven development methodologies, approaches, and languages
  • Model transformations
  • Metamodel transformations
  • Risks and applications of best practices

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