1st International Workshop on Best Practices of UML
BP-UML 2005
October 24-28, 2005
Klagenfurt, Austria




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The Unified Modeling Language (UML) has been widely accepted as the standard object-oriented (OO) modeling language for modeling various aspects of software and information systems. The UML is an extensible language, in the sense that it provides mechanisms to introduce new elements for specific domains if necessary, such as web applications, database applications, business modeling, software development processes, data warehouses and so on. Furthermore, the latest approach of the Object Management Group (OMG) surrounding the UML even got bigger and more complicated with a more number of diagrams with some good reasons. Although providing different diagrams for modeling specific parts of a software system, not all of them need to be applied in most cases. Therefore, heuristics, design guidelines, lessons learned from experiences are extremely important for the effective use of UML and to avoid unnecessary complication.

This workshop is intended to be an international forum for exchanging ideas on the best and new practices of the UML in modeling and system developments. Papers focused on the application on the UML in new domains are encouraged. The workshop will be a forum for users, researchers, analyzers, and designers who use the UML to develop systems and software.

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