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MultiLing 2017 Overview

In this brief report we present an overview of the MultiLing 2017 effort and workshop, as implemented within EACL 2017. MultiLing is a community-driven initiative that pushes the state-of-the-art in Automatic Summarization by providing data sets and fostering further research and development of summarization systems. This year the scope of the workshop was widened, bringing together researchers that work on summarization across sources, languages and genres. We summarize the main tasks planned and implemented this year, also providing insights on next steps.

Giannakopoulos, G.
Conroy, J.M.
Kubina, J.
Rankel, P.A.
Lloret, Elena
Steinberger, J.
Litvak, M.
Favre, B.
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Acta de congreso
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MultiLing 2017 Workshop on Summarization and Summary Evaluation Across Source Types and Genres
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MultiLing 2017
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2 017