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Web Application Modelling

bullet Extending an Object-Oriented Conceptual Modelling Approach to Web Application Design (CAiSE'00). This paper describes in detail the OO-H navigational access diagram  
bullet Object-Oriented Conceptual Modeling of Web Application Interfaces: the OO-HMethod Presentation Abstract Model (ECWEB'00). This paper describes the OO-H abstract presentation diagram
bullet Conceptual Modeling of Device-Independent Web Applications (IEEE Multimedia'01). This paper describes the whole approach from conceptual modelling to implementation phase
bulletConceptual Design of Electronic Product Catalogs using Object-Oriented Hypermedia Modeling Techniques (ECOMO'00). This paper describes extensions in OO-H to support the modelling of e-commerce web aplications

Navigation Analysis Modelling

bullet Conceptual Navigation Analysis: a device and platform independent navigation specification (IWOOST'02). This paper proposes a process and a notation to assist the navigation analysis. The deliverables of this activity can be the starting point for the major web design methods.
bulletNavigation Analysis and Navigation Design in OO-H and UWE (Tech Report). Lessons Learned paper. Navigation Analysis is applied to OO-H and UWE proposals.
bulletNavigation Analysis vs. Navigation Design. An example for discussion (Tech Report). Complete example that describes the linking process between navigation analysis and navigation design.

Integration with Legacy Code

bulletExtending UML for the migration of Legacy Systems to the Web (JISBD'01). An important role of a web design method is how to properly connect with preexistent business application logic.
bullet Advanced Conceptual Modeling of Web Applications: Embedding Operation Interfaces in Navigation Design (JISBD'02). This papers proposes a taxonomy of services and parameters that helps to specify how navigation design can be linked with service calls.



Modelling Dynamic Personalization in Web Applications (Work in Progress). This paper proposes a preliminary work to extend OO-H to support acquisition and personalization rules to deal with personalization issues.


Linking Conceptual Modelling of Web Applications with XML-Based Rule Engines to Support Dynamic Personalization (Work in Progress). A personalized web application is viewed as an stable and variable part where the variable part is processed by a rule engine. In this way, personalization changes can be managed without recompile the rest of the application.

Case of Studies

bulletConference Review System: a case of study (IWOOST'01). This paper describes a complete example where the OO-H web conceptual modelling approach has been applied.
bulletOO-H: Extending UML to Model Web Interfaces (IGP'03). More detailed description of the paper review system and their impact in the OO-H proposal.

Next Generation of CASE Tools

bulletLES Objects: A Model-based Code Generation Environment for Object-Oriented Conceptual Modeling of Web Application Interfaces. Demo session (ECOOP'02). Brief description of the pre-competitive OO-H CASE tool that is being developed in the university of Alicante.










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