About us

Welcome to the website of the Research Group on Natural Language Processing and Information Systems.

We are a research group at the University of Alicante focused on Natural Language Processing as main topic. Since 1993 the initiative of a small number of professors of the Department of Languages and Systems (DLSI), has been growing steadily, thanks to the dedication and motivation of all its members. The group is currently composed by over thirty people.

Within the group there is a number of Ph.D. Thesis read. They are related with the resolution of lexical, referential and structural ambiguity, Information Retrieval systems and with Question Answering systems, thus coinciding with the researching areas discussed by the group.

Our research has been funded by a number of European, national, regional and private projects, generating publications in most of the related media, thanks to our constant participation in the most relevant conferences of our research area.

Do not forget to visit our products page where we show applications of our research which are already up, running and available on request.

Administrator: snavarro@dlsi.ua.es Sergio Navarro González

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