WeRE 2012 ICWE 2012
3rd Workshop on The Web and Requirements Engineering (WeRE'12)
To be held in conjuntion with the ICWE 2012 Conference

The International Workshop on the Web and Requirements Engineering (WeRE) intends to be an international forum for exchanging ideas on both using Web technologies as a platform for requirements engineering, and applying requirements engineering in the development and use of web-based applications. Papers are solicited that present on-going work focusing on new ideas and experiences with Requirements Engineering and the Web. The workshop will be a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas among researchers, designers, and users who are working or are interested in any combination of these two main topics.
In the last decade, the number and complexity of web-based applications and the amount of information they offer has been growing exponentially. In the context of Software Engineering, design methods and methodologies have been introduced to support the development of these complex applications in a systematic way. However, most of these methodologies focus on design and neglect other tasks, notably requirement analysis and quality management. However, in the development of traditional (non-web) applications both practitioners and process experts regard requirements engineering as a phase of crucial importance in the development process. It is well-known that the most common and time-consuming errors as well as the most expensive ones to repair, are often errors caused by inadequate engineering of requirements. Moreover, web-based applications demand new requirements engineering techniques that can accommodate a large, open and changing community of, can deal with navigational requirements and broad in scope so that they can account for business processes as well as web usability. These new techniques will need to offer more participatory environments to support effective collaboration among stakeholders. In this context, the Web (especially Web 2.0 applications), provide a convenient platform to allow stakeholders and users alike more active participation in requirements engineering.

The scope of the WeRE workshop includes but is not limited to:

  • Web requirements elicitation and analysis
  • Web requirements validation and verification
  • Web engineering methods and tools supporting requirements
  • Traceability in Web requirements
  • Modeling of requirements, goals, and domains in Web engineering
  • Prototyping and simulation in Web requirements engineering
  • Evolution of Web requirements
  • Alignment between business and Web requirements
  • Social, cultural, and cognitive factors in Web requirements engineering
  • User-centred analysis and design
  • Domain specific modelling languages addressing requirements for Web applications
  • Web 2.0 and requirements engineering
  • Requirements engineering for rich internet applications
  • Model-driven approaches based on requirements models for Web applications and rich internet applications

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