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The 14th International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning will bring together researchers working in various areas that involve the representation of and reasoning about temporal phenomena. As with previous meetings in this well-established series (see http://time.dico.unimi.it), one of the goals of the TIME symposium will be to cast a bridge between theoretical and applied research in temporal representation and reasoning. Thus, we especially encourage submissions concerning temporal issues within areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Linguistics, Temporal/Spatial Databases and Applications of Temporal Logic in Computer Science, in order to achieve a multi-disciplinary perspective on the topic and to benefit from cross-fertilization of ideas.
The conference is planned as a three-day event, and will be organised as a combination of technical paper presentations, an extended poster session, and keynote talks.
Main topics of the Symposium are:
  • Track 1: Temporal Representation/Reasoning in AI and Linguistics
  • Track 2: Time Management in Databases
  • Track 3: Temporal Logic in Computer Science

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