1st International Workshop on
Web Usability and Accessibility
To be held in conjuntion with the
8th International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering
IWWUA 2007
December 3-7, 2007
Nancy, France
This workshop is aimed at bringing together professionals and researchers interested in discussing recent trends and perspectives in Web usability and accessibility. The main purpose is to assess the effectiveness of existing approaches for Web usability and accessibility evaluation. These include, but are not limited to: review guidelines, usability models, usability evaluation methods, usability checkers, accessibility verifiers, logging tools, automatic metric capture tools, statistical tools, etc. Such assessment will allow participants to gain insights into the state-of-the-art in usability and accessibility for the Web. Discussions are planned to classify the existing works along dimensions in order to identify gaps in the existing evaluation practices that will lead to topics for further investigations. An issue of particular importance is when and how usability should be integrated into a well-defined Web development process. We invite contributions, which discuss methodological, technical and theoretical aspects of usability and accessibility for Web applications.

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